The History of Penampang Parish until the end of the Second World War (WW2), 1946 – 1980

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The History of Penampang Parish until the end of the Second World War (WW2), 1946 – 1980

YEAR 1946

18th January 1946 : Fr. James Buis was appointed the Prefect Apostolic of the Borneo Mission. When World War II ended, Fr. Antonessen was released from prison and re-open school.

YEAR 1947

Rev. Fr. Antonessen was appointed as Rector of Penampang Mission till the year 1962.

The school in Penampang and the stone church was re-open. Fr. Antonessen vigorously raised fund of about RM40,000.00 from the people of Sabah and oversea to complete the stone church.

YEAR 1949

The stone church of St. Michael finally had roof to complete the building and saw its second Mass on Easter Sunday of 1949.
(St. Michael's School Sport Day - 1950)

St. Michael School Sport Day - 1950

YEAR 1950

Fr. McLindon instigated the ‘Legion of Mary’ which help to spread the Good News and taught the people about Catholic believes.

[Penampang] The Praesidium Legion of Mary, Penampang was established on the 8th September 1950. The Praesidium of Penampang was named ‘Our Lady help of Christian’.

YEAR 1951

[Limbanak] The Praesidium Legion Mary in Limbanak was born with the name ‘The Queen of the Apostle’.

YEAR 1952

Prefecture Vicariate; Mgr. James Buis was appointed the first Vicar Apostolic (1952 – 1975) and stayed to shepherd the faithful in Penampang.

YEAR 1953

[Inobong] The Legion of Mary in Inobong was established, bearing the name ‘Queen of Virgins’.

YEAR 1955

Secondary two was the highest education offered in Penampang School. 

[Kinarut] Kinarut’s Legion of Mary was established with the encouragement of Fr. Cowan, named ‘Queen of Mission’.

YEAR 1958

Fr. Henselmans established the Junior Secondary in Penampang.

First batch of form 3 students in St. Michael's School - 1960

YEAR 1959

[Limbanak] The first church in Limbanak was demolished to make way for the erection of a new church. Fr. Jud played a crucial role in the raising of fund to build the new church.

YEAR 1960

Fr. Jud preached the Good News all over Penampang.

YEAR 1962

Rev. Fr. Joseph Dapoz was appointed Rector of Penampang (1962 – 1965).

[Limbanak] The second church of Limbanak was completed and opened in 1962.

[Tombovo] A school in Kg. Kapazan/Tombovo was erected and blessed by Fr. Jud. The school was also used by the priests to hold Mass whenever they visited the kampong.

YEAR 1963

Sabah joined the federation of Malaysia in September 1963.

Feast of Corpus Christi at St. Michael Church - 1965

YEAR 1966

Fr. Augustine Amandus from Papar was ordained to the Priesthood and became the first Kadazan Priest.

YEAR 1967

Rev. Fr. W. Smith, who was the Rector of Penampang, established the first Parish Council in Sabah.

Those who were present during the momentous meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a Parish Council were Frederick Jinu, Charles Labunda, Peter Lidadun, C.J. Thomas, Stanislaus Tendahal and a few others.

YEAR 1968

Fr. W. Smith took leave and was replaced by Fr. Terpstra (1968 – 1969) as Rector, until replaced by Fr. Jud.

[Duvanson] The first Chapel in Duvanson was built in 1968 and was used till the year 1976.

First elected members of Penampang Parish Council (PPC) 1969

YEAR 1969

During Fr. Jud time as Rector, he established the Penampang Parish Council (PPC) and several outstation churches followed suit. Therefore, the Penampang Central Parish Council (PCPC) Committee was formed to manage all the Parish Councils under Penampang Parish.

Senior Secondary education began in the Penampang School and the new St. Michael school building was erected, costing RM200,000.00.

YEAR 1970

Inobong, Limbanak, Kinarut and Duvanson/Putatan (21st March 1970) established their own Parish Council.

Several white priests and sisters were captured and ordered to return to their country of origin.

Tombovo/Lokawi Parish Council was established on 20th September 1970.

YEAR 1971

Boys and girls student attended school together; St. Joseph School as a primary school and St. Michael School as a secondary school.

Mgr. James Buis instigated PAX.

YEAR 1972

[Women’s League] The Parish’s women’s league was established, with Mdm Rosenani Songondu holding the temporary chairlady post. Outstation parishers also established their own Women’s League committee.

Babagon Parish Council (BPC) and Babagon Parish Youth Council (BPYC) was created. BPC’s first chairman was Mr. Joe Tangkit.

More Kampong Catholic Committee were established.

Tombovo first chapel, St. Peter Tombovo, was erected

YEAR 1974

[Kolopis] Mr. Augustine Tairin and several others seek permission from Rev. Fr. Preyde, the Rector of Penampang Parish, to erect a small church at Kg. Tindai, on a piece of land owned by Mr. Touggiluk Mulumpang. Permission was given and a 20 x 40 feet church was built.

A second Cross was built to replace the decaying first cross at ‘Nuhu Tivung’.

YEAR 1975

Legion of Mary in Sugud was formed on 26th November 1975, resulting from the encouragement of Br. Peter Mogunjil who was a member of the Legion of Mary in Limbanak. The new legion was named ‘The Queen of Peace, Sugud’.

YEAR 1976

Kota Kinabalu Vicariate was elevated to Diocese of Kota Kinabalu, whereby Bishop Simon Fung was appointed as KK diocese’s first bishop.

The first PPC chairman, Datuk Peter Mojuntin, perished on 6th June 1976, when the airplane he and Sabah Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephen, and some other ministers, boarded unfortunately crashed.

Datuk Frederick Jinu was elected the second PCPC Chairman, and he held the post till the year 1991.

St. Simon Duvanson’s second chapel was built.

YEAR 1977

Inobong Women’s League was formed on 8th August 1977, under the management of first chairlady Mdm Nora Gombui.

Terawi Parish Council was formed on 17th September 1977.

YEAR 1978

Babagon’s first chapel, The Holy Cross Babagon, was erected and blessed by Rev. Fr. Alexander E. Sipanul.

Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil and Rev. Fr. William Poilis were ordained and were the first priests from Penampang Parish on the 11th November 1978. Fr. Thomas originated from Inobong, while Fr. William from Nosoob.

Terawi’s first church, Holy Nativity Terawi, was erected and blessed by Bishop Simon Fung on the 22nd April 1979.

[Kolopis] The second chapel, St. Simon Tindai, was erected and blessed by Fr. Alexander E. Sipanul, the Rector of Penampang.

YEAR 1980

Mgr. Primus Jouil was ordained priest on the 1st May 1980, and so became only the second priest from Penampang Parish. Mgr. Primus is from Kg. Guunsing, Penampang.

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